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Introduction to Social Dance

Have a special event like a wedding or reunion coming up?  Tired of tapping your feet to the music while watching others have fun?  Think you were born with two left feet?  Not sure where to start?

Introduction to Social Dance is an 8-week class that will teach you the basics of lead/follow, which you'll need in all of the partnered dances, and it will introduce you to slower dances like  Foxtrot and Rumba, as well as more upbeat dances like Cha Cha and Swing.

Whether it's classic rock, contemporary pop, your favorite oldies, or that one tune that's stuck in your head from the radio, you'll be able to dance to it.

  • Session 1: Introduction; dance position; Foxtrot (SSQQ)

  • Session 2: Foxtrot

  • Session 3: Swing (SSQQ)

  • Session 4: Swing (triple step, triple step, rock step)

  • Session 5: Cha Cha (1 2 3 4 and 1 2 3 4 and ...)

  • Session 6: Cha Cha

  • Session 7: Rumba (QQS)

  • Session 8: Rumba; review

When you've completed this class, you'll be ready for your next wedding, reunion, or formal affair, and if you'd like to continue dancing, you can try out one of our beginner classes in one of the variety of dances that you were introduced to.

Does one of these sound like you?

  • Wedding couples prepping for their big day

  • Busy professionals needing stress relief

  • Empty nesters out for fun "date nights"

  • Seniors wanting low impact exercise

  • Singles looking to meet others

We have a special introductory package that includes this 8-week class ($260 for a couple or $160 for a single person) as well as a private lesson and attendance to one Saturday dance social.

No partner or experience necessary.

Upcoming classes

Watch our schedule for upcoming group classes or workshops.   Contact the studio for additional information or to schedule private lessons.

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