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Wedding Dance

Make your first dance one to remember!  Let our experienced Instructors help you create a magical moment on the dance floor that will last a lifetime.

Whether you are looking to perform a choreographed routine to your special song or just look more comfortable in each other's arms, our wedding experts can make you calm and confident for your first dance as husband and wife.

While most couples prefer Private Lessons to prepare for their Wedding Day, we also offer some wonderful Group Classes.  Depending on your goals and timeframe, we can suggest the best options.

Don't forget about the rest of the family.  Take The Lead can also prepare you for Father/Daughter, Mother/Son, Bridal Party, or any other special dances.

As our gift to you, we offer all of our wedding couples a Free Private Introductory Lesson.  This allows us to better understand your vision and make the best recommendations after working with you.  Contact the Studio now to schedule your Free Private Introductory Lesson.

The couple in this video started their lessons with the Intro to Social Dance class followed by some private lessons.

​Along the way, they learned the Swing, Foxtrot, and Rumba to come up with memorable dances.

They took what they learned in the studio, practiced at home, and added their own personalities to captivate everyone there.


Why should couples take lessons before their wedding?

Learning to dance is less about memorizing steps and more about having the confidence to move to the music and enjoying the special moment of dancing with your spouse for the first time.  When couples make the effort to learn something together, the gift of time invested in each other goes a long way in bringing the couples even closer.

And, let’s get real - everyone has phones to take pictures and videos today, not to mention what most couples spend on photographers and videographers.  Experienced instructors understand how to maximize photo ops and create an experience that you will want to watch over and over throughout your years together.

But I have two left feet, how hard is it to learn?

Cats and dogs have two left feet, people don't. Learning any new skill is intimidating at first.  Dancing is nothing more than taking movements that we do everyday and doing them in specific patterns and in time with music.  Our instructors can make it easy to look like a rockstar on the floor.

When should I start my lessons?

It is best to start as soon as possible.  Most couples start their lessons at least three to six months before the wedding. This provides the most options for lessons, gives them enough time to get comfortable with what they are learning, and avoids the always increasingly busy time leading up to their wedding day.

Are dance lessons expensive?

Of all the things a couple will spend money on for their wedding, dance lessons will be one of the least expensive with the added value of being able to dance with your spouse years after the days’ festivities are over. An average couple will spend less on dance lessons than they would on a weekend getaway.  Of course, costs can vary depending on your goals and vision.

What kind of lessons should we take?

Couples typically take private lessons to work on a first dance to their special song.

If it fits their schedule, couples may choose to attend a group class first where they can learn basic social steps, how to lead and follow, and build a basic dance foundation.

How many lessons do we need?

Each couple has different abilities and a unique vision for their first dance. Choreographing a full routine will take much longer than a couple who simply want to gain some confidence before they have to dance in front of their family and friends.  Our instructors will be able to more accurately answer this question after working with you at  your Free Introductory Lesson.

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