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Foxtrot is one of the easiest dances to learn and most versatile in the wide variety of possibilities to use. From a formal affair where couples float around the floor to a simple slow dance in a crowded night club, Foxtrot can be applied. Music varies from the Big Band era through Frank Sinatra and Michael Buble to and includes many of the love and country songs popular on the radio today.

Basic social Foxtrot is fun and simple to learn, an excellent dance for beginners. It is the foundation for all dances and is often referred to as the ‘get acquainted’ or ‘first impression’ dance. Many of the techniques learned in Foxtrot will be used in the Waltz and Tango and the timing is the same as Swing.

Upcoming classes

Watch our schedule for upcoming group classes or workshops.   Contact the studio for additional information or to schedule private lessons.

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